Favorite Supine Poses

I’m really fond of supine poses, particularly Supta Matsyendrasana and Supta Baddha Konasana. There’s a kind of grounding involved with these, in my experience. It feels a bit like unfolding: the slow process of easing your knees towards the floor, the softening in your neck, gently stretching your fingertips….ahhh. I tend to hold stress in my neck and back muscles to an absurd degree, so I rely on these poses to counterbalance all those less-fun feelings, when they happen. For example, I had to make a decision this week that I felt conflicted about and somehow, I managed to hurt my neck in the process. I hadn’t done anything per se, I’d just thought my way into a creaky neck. Pure tension. It’s amazing what we can do to our bodies, just through stress! So, I popped in one of my favorite DVDs and did some supine poses and meditation. Yoga isn’t an instant cure-all, but I could feel some of that stuff–the anxiety and doubt–decreasing as I got away from my computer and onto the mat. Since I have a home practice, I’m lucky enough to do yoga with my dogs, too. They’re always strolling by to give me kisses and wag their tails while I’m savasana-ing it up. I realized I was having a yoga moment: I’d been a woman carrying around physical knots and then yoga had turned me into a woman who giggled when her dog decided to claim half her mat, or kiss her face while her eyes were closed.  That’s part of my yoga experience, too. It’s messy and human, rather than pristine and photo-perfect. I fall down, my heels don’t touch the floor in Downward Dog, and I have pets who are really happy to see me roll the mat out.  I wouldn’t change a thing.

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