Fun resources for yogis and yoginis

I wrote last week about how my home-based practice has been shaped by the availability of DVDs and home instruction. This week, I’d like to share some web resources for anyone who might want to learn about yoga.

There are lots of interesting resources available out there for you. Yoga Journal has lots of information for beginners via their website. There is a great yoga community on Twitter; this week, I participated in @omchat’s monthly sangha discussion session for yoga practitioners.

This week, I’ve been trying a new thing: a 28-day Blissology Challenge through Eoin Finn’s website. It involves pledging to integrate yoga, meditation, nature awareness and mindful eating into your daily life. There are great video segments and resources available, too. I’m finding that it’s easier for me to incorporate yoga and meditation, even in small amounts, than spending time outdoors. Mindful eating is probably the most difficult! Too, too easy, to eat junk food because I don’t plan ahead  and frankly, have a weakness for pasta and popcorn. This is something I’m trying to work on. I’ve also given up meat, except for shellfish, as part of a gradual move towards a plant-based diet. It’s easier than it sounds, as I’ve never liked beef, and only eat chicken sparingly. I’m thinking of it as a slow process. Getting more in touch with nature is a goal, too.

Other yoga sites that I read regularly:

I’d also encourage people to explore YouTube interviews with yoga teachers, interact with other yogis and yoginis on Twitter and utilize their local library resources–DVDs, books, CDs and audiobooks–as high-quality information and instruction may be available for you. I’d particularly like to note Shiva Rea’s master’s thesis from UCLA as an interesting mediation on yoga’s potential for mind-body connection, as well as this podcast  interview, part of Sounds True podcast series. Another fun thing: Do Nothing For Two Minutes.

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