“Powering Your Spirituality” & Elena Brower at YJ

Hey, everybody!
I feel like I’ve neglected the blog as of late, but I have been busy with all kinds of wonderful part time projects over January. As a result, I’ve lagged a bit in my yoga practice and my new goal for February is to recommit to a weekly practice. I know I’ll need yoga keep going in the busy semester I have planned! In a funny bit of kismet, I read the most wonderful essay from Virayoga founder Elena Brower on Yoga Journal’s website, which posted today. Brower writes about creating an “action plan” for yourself in tackling areas of your life and behavior that you feel need improvement. Like many of us, I know I feel more frustrated when I’m tired or feeling overwhelmed, so I think her suggestions are spot-on.

I also recently read Tranquilista by yogini and lifestyle maven Kimberly Wilson. It’s a great guide for those of you interested in integrating positive thinking and yogic values into your work lives, in a lighthearted and stylish way. She has a fabulous manifesto from her first book, Hip Tranquil Chick, posted now. It’s adorable!



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