New Theme! And no yoga! Uh-oh.

Namaste, everybody–
Some fun news:  I’ve changed the blog’s WordPress theme today–it’s always good to try something new, right? What do you think? Like this new theme? Or did you love the old pink & green one? Design feedback is welcomed. I have an ambition to start incorporating more photos into the blog, which I might work on soon.

The bad news is: I’ll be limited in my mat practice for the next few weeks. I have a minor, non-yoga related injury–alert William Broad!–I tripped recently and  scraped my knee on my driveway and it hasn’t healed fully. I was trying to do several things at once–run out of the house carrying coffee in a hurry on the way to work–but mostly I just hurt myself.  I saw a very funny & charming physician’s assistant today who asked me, “Did you save the coffee?” He was right; I’d saved the coffee!

Important yoga/life lesson: Stop trying to hurry so much. Slow down. Beware of the drainage lip on the driveway (I knew that one already). Is this the universe’s way of telling me to be more careful? I have no idea!

As long as I leave my knee alone I should be back to the mat in two or three weeks. I’m not even sure I would have recognize the hurt if my yoga practice hadn’t tipped me off: I get an un-wonderful stabby feeling in my right knee when I do any pose that requires me to kneel or puts pressure on one particular spot. Uh-oh. So, no Cat/Cow Pose, no kneeling lunges, no Sphinx and no Cobra. Nothing that asks you to slide down on your knees gradually and no vinyasa transitions that stress out my knee. I’m really sad about it! For the time being, I’ll be concentrating on trying not to do so much at once, and using pranayama & meditation to stay calm. Which makes me wonder what other people do when they’re confronted with a minor injury that slows them down–do you transition into a meditation-heavy practice? What do you do?


2 thoughts on “New Theme! And no yoga! Uh-oh.

  1. kerryalina says:

    Ahahaha I love this: “Stop trying to hurry so much. Slow down. Beware of the drainage lip on the driveway.”

    I still do my regular practice when injured, but I stop each pose as soon as I feel any discomfort and just hold it and breathe! I found the important thing for me was to not anticipate the pain (most of the asanas I “knew” would hurt actually ended up being fine) but to stop as soon as I experienced it. But keep practicing! The increased blood flow will help your knee heal quicker 🙂

  2. hopebordeaux says:

    Thanks, Kerryalina! Yup, the drainage lip on the driveway is my nemesis. I’m sure there are some poses I can still do, but I’m definitely taking it easy–I’m about to write a review of a new, fun book I bought, “The Anywhere, Anytime Chill Guide,” that is perfect for these situations.

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