Creativity Fix for 4/1/12

Inspired by Kimberly Wilson of Tranquility du Jour, I’ve decided to begin a regular series on the week’s highlights. I’m calling these posts my creativity fix. I think lists are fabulous tools for making plans and being aware of what you are doing–things get lost if you don’t write them down.

  • Did several hours of tutoring observation at work & wrote about tutoring in busy drop-in/multiple student environments.
  • Learned I should be taking it easy in my yoga practice.
  • Reorganized my desk.
  • Saw one of my favorite bands, Pink Martini!
  • Lots of coffee, salads, panini-crisp grilled cheese, and reading Kate Hanley’s The Anywhere, Anytime Chill Guide.
  • Watched Matthieu Ricard’s TED talk on happiness.
  • Pitched some freelance work.
  • Brief  glimpse of the beach & the ocean at night on the way home from the concert.
  • Journalling exercises from Rosie Molinary’s Beautiful You. I love Molinary’s work; I asked several students and coworkers do a modified version of her ‘Wheel of Life’ exercise this week (with an added pie slice for “Academics”), which is fantastic. You can find it here. 
  • Updated  & relocated this website.
  • Discovered eye candy at Paris Breakfast.
  • Nino’s birthday is today!

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