Creativity Fix for 4/7/12

This week started out busy!

  • Ongoing journaling with Rosie Molinary’s Beautiful You.
  • Wrote “Easing Back Into Practice: Mandy Ingber’s Yogalosophy” DVD review.
  • My review was sweetly retweeted by Mandy. Wow!
  • Turned in a tutoring observation essay.
  • Tutored & mentored my students.
  • Submitted one short essay to an online magazine.
  • Told a story to Off Our Chests, a fantastic website for women.
  • Received a a book on teacher learning to review for a journal.
  • Contributed to 21st Century Yoga Culture campaign at Indiegogo. Really excited about Melanie Klein’s expanded essay, “How Yoga Makes You Pretty.”
  • Made arrangements to review a book about international perspectives on teaching & learning for a scholarly journal.
  • Reading Reid Hoffman’s The Start-Up of You.
  • Did some outreach with the goal of  volunteering for my local library.
  • Talked with my friend Lindsay about her job at a property management company. They do some “creative” writing, too–Lindsay has a form letter she sends out to residents who need to be reminded not to be nekkid (as we say in the South) out in public!
  • Worked on some freelance work and thought up an idea for a new pitch.
  • Had a fabulous dinner at a new local restaurant.

Weekend aspirations:

Since it’s already Saturday, my goal is to relax tonight! And work on some nice, slow yoga–I can SO tell I’ve spent lots of time at my desk lately.

Other great things:

Discovered Indiegogo.  I’m seriously thinking about what I can do with this great fundraising platform. Have you seen this? I’d like to do mentoring and fundraising for students interested in writing at some point and Indiegogo is giving me ideas.

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