Fun Sunday Links

I don’t have to work today, because it’s a university holiday weekend, so I’m spending the afternoon goofing off. For me, goofing off is reading Meg Cabot’s hilarious Heather Wells’ mystery, Size 14 Is Not Fat Either (a series about a washed up teen pop star who works in a college dorm in NYC; they’re great), drinking coffee with whipped cream and pink sprinkles (I’m in touch with my inner 5 year old) and catching up on blog reading.

Coffee with Pink & Orange Sprinkles

Creative people I love:

  • Kimberly Wilson of Tranquility du Jour–go look at her adorable pictures of pigs she is sponsoring at a sanctuary.
  • Rosie Molinary–she’s so fantastic–has an essay about creativity up on her blog now.Her tips mesh really well with Twyla Tharp’s The Creative Habit, too.

Last night, I highlighted my hair–I cut and color my own hair, actually. My goal is to bring back sunny blonde a la Meg Ryan in 1995. It also means I finally spent that B&N gift card I got for Christmas on books about Paris. I have no idea why I tend to hang on to gift cards for a little while before I spend them!

I also saw this really cute house recently. Isn’t that pink & seafoam green color scheme fabulous?

Adorable cottage

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