Quelque chose

Quelque chose= something.

Some things:

Things have been fairly quiet for me over the last few weeks. We’ve been having a run of drizzly, overcast days lately. I’m not a fan of rainy weather. It makes me feel like sleeping, not working or being productive.  For days like this week, I have a set of go-to techniques: browsing the blog Paris Breakfasts for pretty pictures, listening to an album of Cole Porter songs, drinking hot cocoa. My favorite Cole Porter song might be “Looking at You.” Here’s Alan Alda singing it in Everyone Says I Love You. 

My mother actually met Alda once, when he was in town years ago filming a movie, and he needed someone to flush out his ear! She was working at a doctor’s office then, so they sent her and another nurse over to the local studio. She says he was absolutely charming and couldn’t have been nicer.  She has a cocktail napkin he signed with, “Thank you from the bottom of my ear.” How sweet is that?

I’ve been doing some tutoring work and awhile ago, I wrote a little  eguide to owning Chihuahuas that came out this week. It’s a small project, designed for new dog owners, not a big exploration of the breed or anything. One of these days, I’d love to write a history of dogs in art. I’m a nerd like that, I know. I also have a few articles being edited over at the Daily Muse and the first one is scheduled to run this week. I interviewed Susan Cain, the woman who wrote Quiet and gave this lovely TED talk:

Susan Cain is the nicest interview subject since Alan Alda. I was a probably too gushy–my childhood was a lot like she describes her own in the TED talk. I was always getting in trouble for secretly reading during math class!

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