January 1st

I can’t believe it’s 2013 already! Am I the only one who finds that a little surreal? It is true, though, that time passes more quickly as you get older–the months seem to fly by, in comparison to when you were a kid waiting on Christmas. I have some exciting projects on the horizon: more writing work and a new mentoring project in the spring. Things are going really well, I think.

I’ve decided on a word for the year: bend. I was thinking about having a word for 2013 and looking up words that were associated with being relaxed, chill, or calm, because I feel like I get anxious and tense more than is healthy or helpful.  I’ve actually strained muscles in my neck and shoulders because I’ve let myself get super-tense and stressed while working on writing projects! Isn’t that wild? I have this bad habit of carrying tension physically–and I create the anxiety myself, more than any external circumstances. So, my word for the year is intended to make me a little more flexible and less high-strung, hopefully. I’m hoping for a bend-y year in both the emotional and physical senses: more flexible muscles and a more relaxed attitude, too!


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