Have resolutions?

I wrote a column over at the Daily Muse about New Year’s Resolutions and happiness readings. If you’re interested in the neuroscience of change, the Rebecca Skloot article is fantastic. I loved her book, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, about the real-life African American woman whose genetic material was used (without her knowledge or consent!) to create HeLa cells, which are grown and used in labs all over the world. Major tearjerker of a book. I think I sobbed through half of it–and we’re talking ugly crying here–so, I would recommend reading it with tissues and such.

Currently, I’m almost finished with Gretchen Rubin’s Happier At Home, her follow-up to The Happiness Project. Rubin is a little more Type-A than I am (she’s a big organizer and a self-proclaimed “abstainer” from sweets), but I like the way she gives you concrete strategies for adding happiness to your life, like:


  • Having weekly fun adventures with her daughter. They are very Julia Cameron-style creativity adventures, actually, to museums and other places.
  •  Trying to be as kind to your family as you would be to strangers. Not  venting, nagging, etc.
  • “Underreacting” to stressful events, so your anxiety level doesn’t skyrocket.

All of them are very useful, I think. I’d also like to read the other happiness book I recommended in my column, The Myths of Happiness.

This week in yoga: Shiva Rea’s Lunar Flow DVD. I find the prana sequence so relaxing.


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