Wow. Just wow.

It feels like a million things are happening at once. Wait, scratch that: a million fantastic things, including:

  • Nick, Jenn, & I were added to the Where Is My Guru About page. I do my first Book Guru radio segment this week. Friday! It’s going to be about a classic book that I love. Just wait, you’ll love the book. And we’ve decided on my second book which is new and exciting and will be released soon.  I am trying not to die of radio newbie nervousness in the interim.
  • It’s All Yoga, Baby ran my guest post on the Bikram scandal and abuse scandals in yoga on Friday, which is getting a really positive response from readers. Go on over and comment.
  • I realized that, because of the Daily Muse’s content sharing relationship with Forbes, my interview with Susan Cain from last year–about introverts at work–was on Forbes’ website. Which is hilarious, as this may be the only time “Forbes” and my name appear in the same sentence (I wish it was the billionaires’ list, but a girl can dream of book sales, right?). Susan Cain was an amazing interview, so if you’re an introvert or know an introvert, you’ll love her.
  • You should go vote for one of my favorite yoga blogs, The Bliss Project, by watching Manon’s video. She’s trying to win a contest to fund her yoga teacher training! It looks like fun!

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