Just breathe….

Yesterday, I started feeling a little awkwardness in my  right knee on the sixth day of the Brazil Butt Lift DVDs. By the end of the night my knee felt sore in a “wrong” way–not like a good stretch, more like a misalignment during those squats and curtsey lunges. It hurt. Now, I do not mess around with joint pain. At all. This meme? The “it’s not your knees giving out, it’s your head” line? That is SO not me. I believe in protecting your knees.

You only get two of them, after all. So, I’m returning the DVDs. I don’t think they’re the right fit for me, although your mileage may vary. I’m sticking with my low-impact elliptical and yoga workouts. You know what shows up when you google “gentle exercise”? This article from WebMD. Their “gentlest, kindest” exercises?

1. Elliptical machines

2. Recumbent bikes

3. Yoga

4. Pilates

These are all the things I’ve been doing regularly, except Pilates! That’s almost irritating. Obviously, I need to dig out my Pilates DVDs and spent more time in mat-based work. It’s frustrating to think you’re doing something correctly, then hurting yourself. It definitely made me feel like a mere mortal. On that note, check out my latest Daily Muse column on superheroes here. That said, there’s research to suggest that walking is the best thing for you. 



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