Kismet! Demeter’s Paperback Perfume & “Too Many Cooks”

In what has to be the oddest example of bibliophile kismet, I received my vial of Demeter’s Paperback yesterday and a copy of Rex Stout’s Nero Wolfe mystery Too Many Cooks today…and it turns out Too Many Cooks is a Bantam book. At least one online reviewer has said a Bantam book must have been Demeter’s inspiration for the perfume, which smells of old paper, ink, smoke, and vanilla. To my nose, there is a distinct resemblance between the  two. I’ve been comically smelling the pages of Too Many Cooks today to compare it to the perfume. Paperback is more vanilla-rich than a new Bantam book. However, I’m still curious to smell an older Bantam title….I might need to plan a trip to one of the local used bookstores. Not that my shelves need anymore books, technically-speaking! photo-54


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