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Hollywood, Philo Vance, and what the kids are reading

Some cool things to talk about for booklovers:

  • I have a new Daily Muse column up on Hollywood themed books and other media.
  • I’ve got my next Where Is My Guru book, a yoga themed novel that I will unveil soon.
  • Renaissance Learning–the people behind the Accelerated Reader program that I loved as a kid–have an interesting new survey out on what high school students are reading now. They compare their 2012 results to previous decades, all the way back to 1907. What do you think of these results?
  • I’m still reading my way through classic mysteries this summer. Lots of Rex Stout, some Christie, Dorothy L. Sayers, and Cater Dickson. I’m in the middle of The Bishop Murders. Not sure how I feel about Philo Vance, though. Any SS Van Dine fans out there?


Kismet! Demeter’s Paperback Perfume & “Too Many Cooks”

In what has to be the oddest example of bibliophile kismet, I received my vial of Demeter’s Paperback yesterday and a copy of Rex Stout’s Nero Wolfe mystery Too Many Cooks today…and it turns out Too Many Cooks is a Bantam book. At least one online reviewer has said a Bantam book must have been Demeter’s inspiration for the perfume, which smells of old paper, ink, smoke, and vanilla. To my nose, there is a distinct resemblance between the  two. I’ve been comically smelling the pages of Too Many Cooks today to compare it to the perfume. Paperback is more vanilla-rich than a new Bantam book. However, I’m still curious to smell an older Bantam title….I might need to plan a trip to one of the local used bookstores. Not that my shelves need anymore books, technically-speaking! photo-54

Summer Manifesto

Over at Elephant Journal, Kate Bartolotta wrote this fabulous Summer Manifesto. Great, right? It got me thinking about what I wanted to do this summer. Here’s my shortlist. What’s your list?

1. Write more.

2. Read more books. Re-read some old favorites. I have two cool books on my desk right now. A novel someone sent me called The Ghost Bride and a favorite I read a few years ago, Joshua Zeitz’s Flapper. Zeitz writes about all these fabulous people in 1920s New York: Dorothy Parker, F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, Clara Bow. The Ghost Bride, on the other hand, is a fictional take on a real-life Chinese phenomenon. In the past, if a man died suddenly, his family might arrange a “ghost” marriage with a living person. Sounds intriguing, right?


3. Get outside! It’s gorgeous today.

4. Take a nap in my hammock.

5. Go back to Airlie Gardens, which is this fabulous local garden that the county owns, that is particularly pretty in spring. We saw a fox on my last day trip, which I thought was a loose dog at first. Surprise wildlife! Here’s me. It’s so lush it looks like an Olan Mils backdrop, right?


Let go, be bold, unfold!

If you aren’t following the Where is My Guru Facebook page, we’ve announced my first Book Guru book! I got to choose the book I’d take with me to a desert island. It took a little thought—and then I realized I had the perfect book.

Longtime blog readers will recognize this as one of my absolute favorites: Flora Bowley’s Brave Intuitive Painting. There’s a sneak peek from my much-loved personal copy, below. Isn’t it gorgeous? I am so excited to share this amazing book with WIMG’s listeners! If you are looking to tap into your own creativity and explore art, Bowley is an inspiring teacher. Read more on the WIMG blog or tune in Friday at at 11am to listen live!


Speaking of Burning Man….

Today’s a Burning Man Day, y’all! Jessica at Where Is My Guru? just announced that Burning Man co-founder Chip Conley will be Friday’s podcast guest. Wooo-hooo! Here’s Chip’s TEDtalk on finding your passion. But if you aren’t up on Where Is My Guru?, check out some of my favorite interviews:

  • Sally Kempton on Awakening Shakti!
  • Interviews with Tara Brach and Carol Horton on her fabulous book, Yoga PhD.
  • Countless other cool interviews and series (Wanderlust or Bust!, the Guru Experts Series, etc.)

Mindfulness Memos

Did I tell you I signed up for a Tranquility du Jour e-course? It’s Kimberly Wilson’s latest Mindfulness-themed course, called “Tranquility Within.” I’m very excited to jump into the course materials and learn more. I feel like I have a lot of yoga-themed or related work on the horizon, which is wonderful: the Mindfulness ecourse, my first “Where is My Guru?” review, and revising some yoga-related writing. Exciting things!

I took this photo on campus a few days ago. Pretty, right?




Blind Date With A Book

Have you heard of the “blind date with a book” concept? It’s a recent trend in library programming and sometimes combined with events for Valentine’s Day. Books are wrapped in concealing covers and readers check them out without knowing what’s inside. My friend & co-worker, Jamie, posted an article on FB about it. We decided we’d do our own little “blind date” book swap. I wrapped hers in pink and coral construction paper and doodled little designs on it, plus a clue to the actual book title. Any guesses?


It’s Annie Choi’s funny memoir of growing up Korean-American in California, Happy Birthday or Whatever. I chose it because I thought Jamie would appreciate Choi’s sarcastic sense of humor. Here’s the book she picked for me:
Recognize the border of the book? Pretty, right? It’s Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude, which I’ve never read, but I hear is wonderful. I’m looking forward to reading it!

Other stuff I’m reading or want to read soon:

  • Sara Nelson’s So Many Books, So Little Time 
  • Carol Horton’s Yoga PhD  
  • Christina Sell’s Yoga from the Inside Out 
  • Ruth Riechl’s Garlic and Sapphires