Gorgeous Paper Sculptures from Yuko Takada Keller

I stumbled across the most amazing images of sculptor Yuko Takada Keller’s work on this website, The Jealous Curator. Aren’t they beautiful? Little bits of paper. I think my favorite might be Reflection from 1990.

Here’s a video of one of Keller’s exhibitions.

Incredible! Sculptures by Janet Echelman

Here is the most brilliant and inspiring thing I’ve seen today: the artist Janet Echelman giving a TED talk about her large-scale fabric sculptures.  Here is Echelman’s portfolio. Aren’t they amazing? I love the way they have color and fluidity. There’s something very yogic about the way the sculptures are able to shift with the breeze and their abstract sensibility. They’re so open–to the environment and interpretation. Echelman’s story is a great lesson in creativity, too. She was a painter on a Fulbright in India; however, her paint supplies never arrived and she had to fulfill her grant requirements in some other way. In a coastal Indian town, she found herself inspired by fishing nets.


Creativity Fix, 4/16/12

This week and weekend have been great fun. The semester is rapidly coming to a close, which makes me a little sad–I adore what I’m doing now and my plans for the summer are still materializing. Big changes on the horizon, in any case. Some nifty things:

  • Received John Baxter’s The Most Beautiful Walk in the World and Amy Thomas’ Paris, My Sweet
  • Swooned over Thomas’ blog about sweets. Swooned, I tell you. If I could find a compelling reason to review dark chocolate on this blog, I’d do it in a heartbeat.
  • Spent some time in my hammock revising some freelance work and reading. Blissologist Eoin Finn–and his idea of hammock enlightenment–is who I cite to justify all my hammock-based editing. I love the part with the hugs! So cute!
  • Journaling. Though I admit to being a little slipshod there this week. 🙂
  • More Mandy Ingber yoga.
  • Mentoring and tutoring. These are some of my last meetings with my students, so I’m collecting feedback & thinking about assessment.
  • Listened to Louis Armstrong on Pandora. If you haven’t seen Ken Burns’ PBS special on jazz, which spends a lot of time on Armstrong’s music, you should watch it. Just wonderful.
  • Received word that one of my submissions to an online literary journal has been accepted!
  • This weekend we had a local festival and garden tour. I spent most of Saturday and Sunday wandering around some really lovely gardens. My favorite was a gorgeous French-inspired courtyard garden. I think I’ll give that one it’s own post later this week, but here are some of the other gardens. The weather was perfect.

    So pretty!

I can't remember which house this is from!

Pretty front yard garden

Some azaleas


Koi pond.