Is Mark Cuban Right About the Student Debt Bubble?

Mark Cuban is probably right about the student debt burden being comparable to the housing bubble. And I’m no fan of Shark Tank–I have this gut-level cringe response at that ‘walk of shame’ scene done to eliminated contestants that probably stems … Continue reading

Cut The Cord: Cheap(er) TV, Movies, and Books

Curious about cord-cutting? I’ve been reading a lot about things I can do to cut my expenses and cord-cutting is a popular topic. Some of these are things I’m already doing—and you probably are too–but a discussion about cord-cutting on … Continue reading

Somebody Explain Why Degrees Costs So D#mn Much, Please?

I don’t think a degree should cost as much as a mortgage, but I do know people whose student loan payments are equivalent to their rent. Over at attn:, Aron Macarow explains why Paying For College Is Now Harder Than Paying Off A Home:

“Student loans made up the smallest portion of household debt until 2009. Now, U.S. educational borrowing amounts to $1.16 trillion. This amount has been ballooning for years, surpassing total credit card debt almost five years ago – and jumping $77 billion in the last year alone. Nearly 1-in-5 households are impacted by student loans. That’s almost a quarter of the United States.”

Seriously, why the dramatic increase since 2009? Is it the recession creating more degree-seekers? Has it increased tuition and fees? Both? Here’s one take on where all that money goes.

I think I need to go look at some pretty paintings now.

The Life Changing Magic of Getting Your Sh%t Together

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