Other work

I’ve written book reviews for Kirkus Media and have experience as a technical writer and ghostwriter. Since 2009, I have worked in a variety of student support roles: teaching creative writing, tutoring undergraduates in writing in multiple disciplines, and mentoring at-risk students in study skills. I am certified through the College Reading & Learning Association (CRLA).

I wrote weekly book review column called “What to Read” on The Daily Muse, a website for young professional women; as a Daily Muse contributor, I’ve interviewed influential female experts like Quiet author Susan Cain and yoga teachers Mandy Ingber & Kathryn Budig for articles about introverts at work & how yoga can help you advance in your career. For the body image website AdiosBarbie, I explored my personal relationship to the work of feminist scholar Susan Bordo. Over at the YA lit and pop culture mecca, Forever Young Adult, I made the case for Elvis Presley as the archetype of the “mysterious loner dude” and catalogued some of Elvis’ movies. At Treehouse Magazine, I recommended some underrated popular lit and showcased my love of both Bridget Jones and Perfumes: The Guide. For HyperInk Press, I wrote a pocket guide to caring for Chihuahuas, available on Amazon.

 I have degrees in library science and creative writing, which means that I’m really good at deciphering assembly instructions and finding articles from that 1992 issue of Sassy.

2 thoughts on “Other work

  1. Kim says:

    Hope, thank you so much for the paper painting dvd. I haven’t watched it yet but I so appreciate you giving it to me!!! Keep creating – !!! Sincerely, Kim from The Fresh Market!

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